After cancelling Day 3 of Governors Ball over the weekend, and with it Kanye West’s headlining performance, fans of the rapper were understandably upset and maybe even felt betrayed. However, Kanye came to the rescue announcing a surprise performance at New York’s Webster Hall at 2am. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled and the crowd was left to gaze at Kanye West and Travis Scott through their car’s sunroof.

According to the Verge, however, the story goes a bit deeper.

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After hundreds, possibly thousands, of fans storm the streets of NYC to see Yeezy at Webster, Kanye announces that the show has sold out. To anyone’s knowledge, it’s unclear if any tickets were even actually sold.

Then, just 15 minutes before 2am, Webster Hall announces on Twitter that there is no late show at the venue, and never was.

However, Kanye and Travis still made an appearance about a half hour later, albeit one a little less exciting.

The Fader reports that there were a couple of NYPD police vans in the crowd, presumably to keep things in order, but soon after Kanye’s appearance the crowd dispersed without a problem and no arrests were made.

Was this all just some extremely elaborate marketing stunt? Or was there really an issue with so many people outside Webster that it was deemed unsafe and “riotous” and had to be cancelled? We may never know.


via The Verge