There’s a real dearth of good disco house music out there so I’m incredibly happy to share this track by Steve Void and Alex Adair. This isn’t the first time that this Midway track has been used in a smooth, sexy deep house tune this year (check out SAINT WKND’s here) and I’m still not even remotely close to being sick of the sample.

Seeing the sampled “Set It Out” is a cult disco hit there’s only one way this track can truly go and that’s groovy as hell. From start to finish you’re enveloped in waves of feel-good piano-driven melodies punctuated by a stunning bass line. Of course, both producers realize that the vocal sample is the brightest star of the show and they do a great job of letting the Midway vocals soar. Grab yourself a free download here and get ready to get those dancing shoes on!