Like many others, I’m sure, I first got into EDM through Skrillex.

I can still vividly remember sitting at my dorm room desk in 2010 listening to “Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)” and thinking it was the greatest thing I’d ever heard. The whole Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP was a revelation to dance music and each song felt like it was changing dance music forever.

It wasn’t until a little ways down the line that I discovered Skrillex had released another EP earlier that year, My Name Is Skrillex. The debut EP from Sonny Moore’s new electronic alias definitely set the tone for the rest of his career, with tracks like “WEEKENDS!!!” and “Do Da Oliphant.” It was new and exciting, and it was impossible to predict the impact that it would have on music as a whole. Yet here we are…

Congratulations to Skrillex on achieving a massive milestone. We can’t wait for the next six years!