TGIF as the saying goes, and a new collaborative track from two of EDM’s most consistent artists epitomizes that mantra perfectly. Snails has made a name for himself over the past year, and Botnek continues to impress with well-produced original tracks and remixes, so a collaboration between the two isn’t completely far-fetched.

The best elements from both the solo Vomitstep pioneer and electro and big room house duo work wonderfully together on “Happy Hour,” which sounds as much as a Snails and Botnek collaboration as one might imagine. Hard synths contrast to a steady kick, bringing bass and house together for a rare track that deftly juggles its far-apart rhythms. A cheeky vocal sample proclaims, “I’m gonna need a beer for this,” but even sober ears can fully enjoy this new anthem. The track even comes with a free download, a perfect cap to the weekend ahead.

Listen to Snails and Botnek team up for “Happy Hour” below: