Sober Rob has been on the bass-music radar for quite some time now, building a dedicated following through his innovative productions and collaborations. His newest venture is a highly anticipated EP titled Enlighten, coming out later this month via DJ Craze’s Slow Roast Records. Your EDM has the pleasure of premiering one of its tracks early, a collaboration with another key player in the underground scene, Alexander Lewis. Dubbed “EMP,” this track is a hard-hitter that showcases both producers’ styles perfectly.

The track starts off with a simple yet extremely effective intro which works to establish the dark, atmospheric vibes this track so expertly creates, without cluttering up the mix. High-pitched synth work and some slow but heavy kicks make their way into the track, combining into a massive, hard-hitting first drop. A short and easy interlude separates the drops, providing some nice contrast and a well-deserved break before the two producers bring the madness back. The second drop is built around some aggressive, arpeggiated synth work and low horns, undoubtedly Alexander Lewis’s doing as these are ‘signature’ sounds of Alexander Lewis that are reminiscent of more than a few of his previous tracks. This, combined with the hefty kick from earlier, results in a stunning composition that shows just how well these guys can work together in the studio; hopefully more collabs between the two will come!

Stream the track and be sure to pre-order the EP below!

Pre-order Enlighten HERE (out June 24th)