Say hello to ShiftWear, a new sneaker that’s changing the game for good. Regardless of whether you’re into shuffling, twerking, or keeping the jumpstyle legacy on point, these new wearable light shows are the big brother of today’s LED-soled shoes.

Featuring flexible, waterproof HD displays, ShiftWear can display not only graphics, but full video animations all from a simple phone application. But it gets better: you have the ability to download from an entire community of designers, illustrators, and animators, and even upload your own creations in a fully functioning marketplace.

The batteries last for 30 days, but that’s no problem, they recharge kinetically as you walk in addition to wireless charging capabilities. ShiftWear’s soles are coated in kevlar to prolong their lifespan, water-resistant, and machine washable for maximum freshness.

ShiftWear is available in low, medium, or hi-top for maximum visibility, but the pre-order is currently sold out and will become available again once the shoes release in stores near the end of 2017. Comparable in price to high-end LED hula hoops, these shoes aren’t cheap, but if your dance game is lit, we promise you won’t look back. Click here for more details.