You didn’t think we’d let this one go, did you?

While deadmau5 was bemoaning the sorry state of affairs at EDC, especially what is considered “newsworthy,” he once again made an underhanded gesture toward marshmello, referring to him as “some piece of shit taking off a helmet.”

Not one to be outdone, marshmello hit back at deadmau5, claiming that he was trying to maintain relevancy by talking shit on him “once a week.” However, you might remember we’ve covered deadmau5 and marshmello Twitter drama before, and it was just as juvenile. There’s really no substance or reason between any of these exchanges, just two egos battling it out for retweets and favorites.

marsh mau5 drama

And the thing about egos, whether positive or negative, is that one ego can never accept being smaller than another. While this is definitely cause for some daily or weekly banter at the dinner table, this type of activity never results in anything actually positive or constructive in the scene.