Last weekend might have been one of the best three days for electronic music lovers, but it also happened to have some terrible things taking place. From a naked man diving head-in to a crowd at EDC Las Vegas, to Hippie Sabotage becoming the biggest DJ jerks since one of our last Caked Up articles, to one unfortunate death, it seems that some of our favorite events are being dowsed with a few nasty people while the rest of the world is trying to be kind and peaceful towards one another.

The latest in random acts of violence comes from EDC Las Vegas where a performer was attacked by a crazed attendee on the first day of the popular music festival. Experienced performer and costumer designer Marco Landin was working alongside and apart of Dragon Knights, a well-known stilt puppeteer troupe. Performing in a giant, mechanical butterfly for the entertainment of guests entering the festival grounds near the 7-Up Stage, everything seemed to be fine until an unknown man approached the troupe fumed and irritated. With witnesses cited as saying that the perpetrator was “looking for a fight,” he heckled Marco’s escort (as he was on stilts during the incident) and ultimately pulled the stilts from under the puppeteer causing him to fall. In trying to protect his head, Marco ended up shattering both his arms against the concrete floor he landed on and suffered a concussion. Immediately rushed to the hospital after the altercation, Marco was given full casts for both of his arms and is fortunate enough to be recovering and in stable condition.

Unfortunately, it appears the attacker escaped. After being pinned by security, he was able to get away after a band of the attacker’s friends separated the two and managed to flee the scene. Witnesses reported that the assailant was an average sized, white male who was shirtless but wearing jean shorts and being aggressive towards a troupe of people walking on stilts. If you or anyone you know were present near the 7-Up stage on late Friday evening to early Saturday morning around 12:15 AM at EDC Las Vegas with information or photo/video evidence of the altercation, please contact or email his wife, Heather, at [email protected], or call the police directly at 702-828-7355.

Due to this unnecessarily violent situation, Marco Landin will be unable to work during his recovering period. However, there is a go-fund-me webpage to aid Marco and his family in these hard times. The link below will allow you to assist someone who made bringing happiness and merriment his job.

Even if you or anyone you know may not be able to directly help, you can still spread this story around to help authorities catch the perpetrator and to help Marco find justice. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, or any social media or message board, sharing this story will help us find who did this.