Tampa-native, LA-based singer/songwriter Cade is the newest up-and-coming producer to break into the spotlight. At just 19 years old, Cade has completely devoted himself to his art; while he’s not busy performing for his quickly increasing fanbase, he focuses his time on creating and producing music in his studio. Luckily for him, his relentless commitment and passion for his craft seems to be leading him to a prolific future. He’ll be making his debut live performance as a special guest alongside Ramzoid on July 7th at the El Rey in Los Angeles, CA.

As part of his forthcoming Care EP, Cade is releasing the first single off the project with his eponymous single, “Care.” With the help from his friend Trevor Dahl (of Cheat Codes), the track is built as seductive, lovelorn piece that reflects on the elements of a dwindling relationship, building the story with gleaming synth work, blues-y guitar rhythms, and poised percussion. With the first single bringing an already impressive spectacle of talent from Cade, we look forward to hearing what’s next for this producer on the rise.

‘Care’ is so cool to me because it mixes the emotion of R&B music with the dynamic elements of electronic dance music, creating a fresh sound that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.” – Cade

Listen to the single below or stream it on Apple/Spotify here.