This week, Martin Garrix revealed several exciting details regarding his upcoming plans for the rest of the year.

In an interview with Obsev, Garrix was asked about his dream pop collaborator. Before the interviewer had a chance to finish her question, he replied instantly with, “Pharrell, I’d love to work with Pharrell.” Despite having a line of contact between them, he said, they have not begun work together. “Maybe one day.”

Garrix then took to Facebook as part of an Ask Me Anything session with 7UP. During a more than 20-minute livestreamed conversation, Garrix unveiled aspects of his upcoming album, his dream festival and his dangerous love for pizza.

He is 99% done with his new album, he said, with 45+ songs in progress. Very soon, he and his team will sit down to choose their favorites, with a release date to follow shortly after.

Later on in the interview, Garrix described the details of his own dream festival. It would take place on a tropical island, he said, where he and all his friends can relax, make music and DJ together on the beach. “That’s the dream . . . one day.”

His song “In the Name of Love” will release in three weeks, he said, and will be accompanied by a music video with a Garrix guest spot to match.

Watch the Ask Me Anything below, and prepare yourself for the thrilling remainder of 2016.


Image: Rukes