After the duo’s year long hiatus, we couldn’t be more proud to present the premiere of TJH87’s breathtaking single, “New Horizons.” A daring trek into new territory, the release builds on their expansive knowledge of nu-disco, and chronicles bounding inspiration from an array of sources.

“For us it doesn’t feel like a huge change since it just presents a wider view of our influences and musical ambitions than what we were able to do before – so in a way this is what we always done, it just didn’t get out before now.”

Filled with a range of influence from indie rock to classic progressive, “New Horizons” sounds as if it’s been finely etched from an illustrious starscape, and with the track’s gorgeous melodies and eloquent progressions, each listen offers a curious journey in its own right.

Maria Lax

Photo by Maria Lax


“We sat down, re-arranged our studio, dusted off the old gear and approached our way of making music in a completely different way – the only way to break away”

Though the duo has been hailed as “poster boys for the disco revival,” this newest single is a daring adventure from their roots, and is only the beginning of a steady flow of new material. Have a listen to TJH87’s newest endeavor below, and be on the lookout for “New Horizons” official release on this Friday, July 8th.

If TJH87’s upcoming releases are anything close to this, we simply cannot wait for more…