Stonebank has been full of surprises this year, but his newest release might be his biggest surprise yet. As part of Monstercat‘s 5 Year Anniversary compilation, the British producer has revealed his debut trance single “Lift You Up,” featuring his frequent collaborator and wife EMEL.

Seeing trance on Monstercat is surprising enough, let alone coming from their lead hard dance producer. Over their 5-year lifespan, Monstercat has only released 14 songs in the trance genre, including this one. That’s about 1 trance release to every 9 electro house releases. In other words, Stonebank releasing trance is – I apologize in advance for this pun – absolutely Monumental.

Not only is “Lift You Up” trance, it’s goddamn good trance. The overall sound of the track is both new and familiar, combining Stonebank’s signature hard dance/electro house production style with uplifting chords and an unforgettable melody, all sped up to 138 BPM. Don’t miss this one!

Listen to “Lift You Up” below and get a free download by signing up here: