Following police raids at Amnesia Ibiza over the past 48 hours, police have uncovered over €2 million in hidden compartments in the club. Reports from Diario de Ibiza describe police entering the premises with “pick axes and other tools to find hiding places in the offices of Amnesia,” along with a money counting machine.

This all started when the state filed a complaint last fall alleging that there were discrepancies in the tax payments from the club. Resident Advisor reports that in addition to the raids at Amnesia itself, authorities have also “seized documents and assets in suspects’ homes and in a boat belonging to Amnesia’s owner as well as safety deposit boxes in banks around the island.”

Amnesia and its owners have yet to make an official statement about the investigation.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Amnesia has remained open. The event Together took place last night, and HYTE is still scheduled for tonight.


H/T Magnetic Magazine