Arguably one of Monstercat‘s most friendly and musically diverse producers, Laszlo has definitely earned his place on the label’s 5 Year Anniversary compilation. The question, however, isn’t whether Laszlo deserves a spot or not, but rather a question of what exactly his newest release – “Tribal” – is.

The track isn’t produced in a simple ABAB format like most house music. In fact, “Tribal” is split into a number of different sections, all unique from one another. The song’s intro is soft and pluck-filled, reminiscent of C418‘s “Cat,” but quickly flips into a deadmau5 while(1<2)-era minimal drop (see “Avaritia” and “Gula“). From there, the track transitions into a similar second drop, accompanied by some Wiwek-influenced tribal drums, making for the hardest of the three drops. The song’s last section pays tribute to Laszlo’s bright, melodic production style, leaving listeners in a state of euphoria.

“Tribal” is possibly Laszlo’s most unique work yet, with only “Messiah” having a slightly similar sound. Following the release of the mind-blowing “Sphere” less than a month ago, the track shows us that Laszlo’s production is only getting better and better. Expect the best from here.

Listen to “Tribal” below and get a free download by signing up here: