While the two names Brandyn Burnette and Sean Turk might not be household names for the electronic music community at large just yet this new remix I’ve been given the pleasure of premiering might just convince you why they should be. Boasting one of the hottest voices in the game, Brandyn Burnette’s single “Closer” gets all trapped out courtesy of budding producer Sean Turk’s made a name for himself with a string of successful remixes.

Sean Turk, who is as mysterious as he is fresh, turns “Closer” into bright, bass-driven affair to give Brandyn’s vocals a rounded, edgy finish courtesy of some stylish kicks and phat synths. That said, Brandyn’s voice always remains the star of the show through all of Sean’s roaring synths as the two artists come together to reinvigorate “Closer” into a huge new trap banger.

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