Ever since I was given the distinct pleasure of reviewing MALAA‘s Illicit EP, I’ve been slowly been opening myself up to more reviews. Now, this EP by Ultra Foxx, who’s returned after a long hiatus, popped up on my radar ripe to be reviewed.

“Rebirth” might only be a minute long, but it gives us a pretty good glimpse of what to expect for the rest of the four-track EP. Orchestral and cinematic, the producer does a great job of capturing the atmosphere within one short minute and should give you plenty to look forward to in the next 15 minutes or so.

The second track “New Galaxy” continues on in a similar vein. Ultra Foxx combined elements of dubstep and complextro to create this spacey, ‘intergalactic’ atmosphere to fit the Ultra Foxx character. The synths and key work also combine to give off this wonderfully retro ’80s theme – which only fits the Ultra Foxx character even more.

Of all the tracks in the EP, “Thunderbolt” is probably my favorite. There’s a brooding atmosphere and a fairly long buildup, but in the end it all pays off, culminating in a hard-hitting dubstep drop with some retro synth influences to build on the space feel. The second drop hits even harder than the first, but again, Ultra Foxx keeps things interesting for a non-dubstep lover like myself with just enough synthpop flair.

Finally, the producer rounds out a good 12 minutes of hard-hitting beats with the most powerful track in the collection. “Total Breakdown” is every dubstep fan’s dream. Ultra Foxx showcases some decent sound design to create interesting synths, but don’t let all the prettiness fool you – this one’s a straight-up dubstep banger.

I’m not the biggest dubstep fan in the world, but Ultra Foxx’s self-titled EP is definitely worth checking out. Sound design on the whole is impeccable, while the entire EP, to me at least, is a fairly unique take on dubstep. At the very least, it makes for excellent videogaming music!

Ultra Foxx Releases New EP After Long Hiatus
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