Fern Souza has quite the reputation for making some amazingly chill future bass, jazzy beats. His talents bleeds through in both his original tracks as well as his remixes, and his unique style leads him to take hip hop songs that are usually up beat and turn them into chilled out, emotional tracks. The most recent contribution to his remix catalogue is a “Don’t Cha Baby” flip.

The track was released today on the Epicure collective, a group with a very impressive roster, churning out some fantastic trap and future bass hits. It starts out with with a very jazzy organ and the intro vocals on a low pass filter. When the beat comes in, Busta Rhymes spits his verse, proceeded by the Pussy Cat Doll’s first verse. The verse has that jazzy organ in the background with some break down percussion, accompanied by the vocals. The organ stays with us during the chorus with some added delayed synths and more ambient sounding organs. Fern keeps the groove going during the second break which builds into the second chorus, featuring much of the same orchestration as the first. It breaks down into a trapped out beat towards the end this time, however. This track has a good blend of chill and dance vibes that makes it a great track to listen to at anytime.

Check it out below: