Since the release of his sophomore album Skin, Flume has been off on tour in Europe promoting the album and playing it to tens of thousands of eager fans. The album translates well into a live performance, and so Flume has various devices by his side while playing in order to make his shows as intimate and real as possible. Of course, live performance always has that little bit of risk adhered to it – honestly, that just makes it more exciting.

The recap video of his Europe tour features him in various stages of preparedness, from playing ping pong backstage to roaming the grounds of camping festivals to doing sound checks. The one constant throughout the video is this almost palpable energy behind the tour and his team that surely keeps them going and pushing the boundaries on live performance and sound.

Check out the recap below as he finished up a leg of shows in Australia and New Zealand – he’ll be in the US before we know it!


Image via Flume