Autograf has come out with guns blazing this summer. With their North American Future Soup run still fresh in the back of my mind’s they announced another North American tour, a hard ticket co-headline affair with Goldroom, and dropped a stellar free download track to celebrate. Now they’re back again, this time officially remixing Bastille’s latest track “Good Grief.”

While the production remains subtle and may seemingly no unnoticed, like most of the trio’s work, there’s distinct Autograf flavour to the track that new and old fans alike will relish. That said, I’ve never heard an Autograf indie rock remix and I came away pleasantly surprised with what they did here. The tempo is upped a bit and there’s a notable, dance-centric groove running through the whole thing now, however, for the most part, it’s still very much Bastille, just with faint traces of Autograf all over it.