As far as compilations go, for as far as my drum and bass-clouded memory allows me, Viper Recordings’ Summer Slammers albums have always been something fans and DJs could look forward to. By combining the breezy poolside vibes we’re all so fond of with the signature spine-crunching sound the label itself is known for, this annual release is something fans have always relied on to anchor their summertime seasons. With that being said, unroll your headphones. Warn your roommates of the possibility that their beloved family portraits placed upon their cosy bookshelves might receive an unwarranted quake. Once the aforementioned checklist is completed, prepare your ears for the ultimate summertime drum and bass experience.

Packing a whopping 35 tunes that feature 15 weighty Viper exclusives along with a monumental continuous DJ mix by NCT, we at Your EDM felt more than inclined to have a word with Jeroen of NCT himself just before this legendary release.

Well, hello NCT! Fantastic of you to have a word with your fans over at Your EDM. How is the summer festival season treating you?

Hey mate, thanks for having me! This summer is amazing, and we’re just coming down from this weekend. We supported the legends Fabio & Grooverider on Saturday in club Paradiso, Amsterdam, with an awesome crowd, and had the most amazing day of this summer with the Liquicity family on Sunday. We first played the festival and afterwards closed down the afterparty b2b with our boys T & Sugah, Zazu, Subsequent and Fox Stevenson. We still have a couple cool shows abroad to come as well, such as Estonia, Austria & Croatia!

Wow. That sounds like a fantastic time. Tell us a bit more about Liquicity, seems like such a memorable experience!

Like I said, Liquicity was mind-blowing good. Probably the best event we’ve had in our career up to now. The community has such an incredible bond, there’s just big buckets of love flying around all day. It inspires me to write the music that the community including ourselves love.

Yeah man. It’s almost as though I can feel the vibes from here in Los Angeles. We also hear you’ve got a massive new tune on this Viper Summer Slammers 2016 compilation. Are there any other favorite on the album you specifically enjoy?

Thanks mate. I hope a lot of people will agree it’s massive. I did get to play it for the first time last weekend and it went off! I am pretty much into all the tunes on there but my personal favorite has to be Koven’s remix of ‘Tritonal ft. Angel Taylor – Get Away’. I’m a huge Koven fanboy and this one’s right up my alley. Along with that, I’m really into Blaine Stranger’s “Chat Shit Get Banged”. It’s right up my alley yet it’s another side of dnb, totally feeling the energy on this one. 

Yes! Also both fantastic tunes. I also see you both have an extraordinary mix for us. Tell us a bit about your headspace when going into a mix of this magnitude.

The mastermind behind this mix is the other half of NCT (Alex). He gets hyped up as soon as he sees a DJ set up really, hahaha! We chat a bit about the mix during the process of figuring out the order, we send the tracklist back & forth and I give direct feedback while he glues the tunes together. In the end he smashes a final recording, and after playing a whole bunch of tunes already and being so experienced it’s inevitable that he gets deep into the vibe of it perfectly.

Wicked. I’m sure fans will completely agree with you that this mix is beyond perfect (I know I do!) In closing, is there anything your fans can look forward to for NCT in the near future?

Indeed there is! We have a new single following up our first 2 releases on Viper Recordings. The A-side is a soulful dancefloor banger and the B-side has more of an anthem vibe. Also we’re working up something new for Liquicity, as per usual. 

With all of this now knowledge to the public, it’s essentially undeniable that these two are on a straight shot to the top of the ladder. Expect nothing but quality productions and exquisite mixing from one of our favorite up and coming drum and bass duos to date.

You can pre-order the entire album here: