If you haven’t heard of Pham yet, this track should at the very least make you curious – at best, it’s going to make you downright obsessed. Giving his electronic production a splash of hip hop flavor, especially with the addition of vocals from Malcolm Anthony, Pham has a knack for simple and catchy beats.

“My Way,” by any metric, is simple. Not everything has to be extravagant arpeggios and chordal flourishes, Pham does enough with an 808 snare and bassline to fill up any empty space and give listeners something to follow. Malcolm’s vocals are equally simple, with very little processing and a solid flow.

The simplicity of the track also probably owes to its obsessive nature, it’s ability to become an ear worm. The easy beat is hard to forget because it really is just so easy to remember. Pham definitely got a strike with this tune, no doubt about it.

Check it out below.