We held our tongues when the gossip media was reporting on Calvin Harris “taking Kanye’s side” in the ever-engrossing Taylor Swift drama – after all, he was just singing a song of West’s on Snapchat, hardly a resounding endorsement.

Now, however, we have reason to bring up the two artists as it is being reported that they both want to make music together. Calvin’s interests lie in a more ambiguous “Yeah he’s a great artist” kind of area, with a source close to Calvin saying he “wants to make some music with Kanye down the road.”

On the other side, source close to Kanye and Kim says that they “always thought” that Calvin was really talented.

Again, hardly a prophetic admission of intent.

Yet a collaboration between the two artists would undoubtedly be bigger than anything Calvin has ever put out before, perhaps even “Lean On”… it’s really difficult to say.

Until that day, we’ll just continue to cross our fingers and hope for the best.