Yesterday we reported some early videos and photos from Deadmau5’s new cube debut at Veld Music Festival. Now that the night has come to a close, a Youtuber was kind enough to compile a bunch of videos of the cube for our easy viewing pleasure. The compilation shows some close-up shots of the new cube, as well as some shots from the distance that display its incredible size and all the amazing parts behind it. The cube isn’t the only impressive thing in the video, however. There appears to be a lot of new graphics in mau5’s catalogue, including one he puts on just before he drops “Ghosts N Stuff,” which accompanies him screaming that he’s about to play it (about 2:08 in the video).

About six minutes into the video, the Youtuber puts Kelly Fedoni’s Snapchat story in, showing more amazing footage of the cube and another special surprise. While the video takes place in the center of the Youtube screen, on the right of the screen, there is a still shot of the cube’s multiple surfaces separating and rotating. This undoubtedly cost a pretty penny, which is why Joel said it’s the first time in a while he has been this broke. You can check out the compilation video below to see the amazing cube for yourself:

For an inside look on how the rotating faces work, check out this image deadmau5 shared below, and some more images of the cube at the bottom.