There’s no other way to say it, folks. QUIX has turned into an absolute powerhouse.

Every track on the New Zealand producer’s 2016 roster has topped the previous one, introducing the masses to a unique brand of trap that seamlessly blends never-before-imagined percussion hits and clicks with vision-blurring synthesizers and subtle but deadly melodies. With an unreleased collaboration with Boombox Cartel being played out by RL Grime and an official remix of Skrillex and Nero’s “Promises” under his belt, there seems to be no stopping QUIX’s continuing climb towards ultimate recognition.

His latest release was made today through record label Fool’s Gold, and comes as another iconic installment in his powerful list of originals. “Laundry” is comprised of three distinct sections, each focusing on one of QUIX’s proven areas of expertise.

The first drop is characterized by a relentless series of close and personal percussion strikes above chants and yelps, resulting in a perfectly delayed groove with heaps of swagger. The vibe slowly transitions into a section more defined by its atmospheric elements. The sub bass nearly takes over the melody while strings and distant vocal echoes ring out in between. Eventually, the energy is built back up to release into the second break. This time, spectrum-wide sweeps of dry sirens now typical of QUIX’s most celebrated tracks take over the space, while bongos and far-off snaps contribute to the feeling.

Check out the song below, and click the link underneath for a free download.

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