There’s no denying that artists like Diplo and Skrillex have paved the way for pop music to collaborate with EDM – whether it’s their own duo Jack U or Diplo’s own Major Lazer, artists like Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Halsey, Kesha and more have been dominating the charts on EDM tracks.

So this doesn’t come as a surprise when we see on Diplo’s own Snapchat that he’s in the studio with ex-Disney Channel actress and pop sensation¬†Ariana Grande. There’s barely anything to really hear aside from Grande at a microphone and them listening to a short 4-second clip, but what we hear definitely has potential.

The question remains whether this will end up on Ariana’s own album, or on the forthcoming Major Lazer album Music Is The Weapon. By the sound of it though, we’re putting our bets on the latter.

Listen below.


Image via DMahoney Photo