EDM superstars seem to be sharing their talents with pop vocalists as of late, with Skrillex, Major Lazer, and Justin Bieber being the obvious examples. Now with Kygo teaming up with U2 for the next worldwide hit, it seems like the boundaries of each genre are getting thinner and thinner. Enter Dillon Francis, who proved his incredible versatility earlier this week by collaborating with Florida’s rising talent: Jake Miller.

The track – titled “Parade” – is somewhat reminiscent of Dillon and Kygo’sComing Over,” sharing a similar pluck pattern and ‘drop’ synth melody. Nonetheless, the song finds a way to provide a completely unique timbre, proving that EDM producers definitely deserve a place in the pop world regardless of their respective styles. Hopefully we will continue to see these crossover collaborations in the future (hint hint Madeon) as the music world continues to evolve and cohesively intertwine.