According to Boys Noize today is Daft Punk day, but if you ask me ‘Daft Punk Day’ should pretty much be every day. Anyway, while I’m busy trying to fill out a petition to make it official, Boys Noize is busy showing us his treasure trove of a Daft Punk record collection with plenty of surprises.

Not only does Boys Noize own seven (!!!) copies of Trax On The Rocks Vol 2 by Thomas Bangalter (one-half of Daft Punk), but he also claims to own an early demo for “Around The World” that he most graciously plays out for us. The vinyl is called Crydamoure by Le Knight Club (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s side project) and though it’s fairly far removed from the “Around The World” that was released, you can easily hear the similarities.

Skip to 0:40 seconds in for the “Around The World” demo, but definitely consider checking out the entire video for a short walk through dance music history.