Bristol police have had their hands full with underground raves since… forever, and they had hoped to gain the assistance of the community’s inhabitants in combating these illegal gatherings. However, their plans have horrendously backfired in the most hilarious way possible.

Instead of cultivating anger towards raves, many of the post’s readers are actually enthralled by the idea, as one man put it, “Thanks for sorting out my weekend, Avon and Somerset Police. I will be keeping a careful eye out for this sort of fun activity and will be sure not to invite you or your friends.”

The post has indeed gone a bit viral, and people have been all too ready to put their own spin on the text.

“Know the signs: Sudden influx of happy, polite people in your village, buying all of the beer from the shop, total strangers hugging and being lovely to each other, gales of laughter, bored local youth excited for the first time in months, local dogging spot having never looked tidier.”

“Picture the scene… it’s Sunday morning and there is nothing but the sound of birds and the trees being blown in the wind. There is a rave going on somewhere but it cannot be heard because the organisers have been respectful enough choose a location that doesn’t affect local residents.”

Regardless of the jabs and backlash, Superintendent Mike Prior wants to make sure people understand the “wider impact” of illegal raves, though it seems everyone besides police is just fine with them…


H/T Mirror