The Chainsmokers are on fire this year. Writing hit after hit and making it onto MTV’s VMAs for the first time – and performing – has marked the duo’s booming 2016 success. This success marks a turning point in electronic music’s come up into the spotlight as well as the ever changing scope of what we consider as pop music. The duo caught up with Billboard to speak about their future plans and what they were excited about for the VMAs before their smashing performance and revealed some intriguing thoughts.

After some playful banter on the meme-able Yeezuz, the New York natives spoke about how much it meant for them to perform in New York that evening, stating that, “We came out of New York so it’s a big deal.”

When asked what was next in terms of collaborations, Future came into the conversation.

Alex Pall said, “I want to get super turnt up tonight with Future and end up in the studio or something… I want to get some street cred.” We can only hope that as the night progressed and the drinks kept coming, The Chainsmokers were able to speak with the hip hop sensation and work something out. Although nothing has surfaced yet, our fingers are crossed that the hit making duo will make Future’s next banger, which will inevitably be a #1 Billboard hit, or at least a really interesting track. Check out the full interview below: