Well, we can’t make this up. Last night in Taiwan, a teenager arrested for MDMA was treated to a birthday party by police.

The occasion took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where officers stopped a group of teenagers for not wearing helmets while riding motorcycles. Upon investigating, one of the juveniles appeared to be stricken with cold sweats and had a suspiciously stiff demeanor, and when asked to take off his jacket, the officers discovered capsules of MDMA in his possession.

This also happened to be the day before the juvenile’s 18th birthday, so instead of letting him enjoy a depressing night in the police station, the officers purchased a birthday cake with their own money and threw the kid a party.

The detainee was understandably surprised by the officers’ treatment towards him, and seemed to have had a change of heart after talking with police, promising to take responsibility for his actions in the future. Still, because the youth had violated the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, police were obligated to turn him into juvenile court the following day.


H/T ET Today, MDMA The Movie