Secret Solstice is one of those special events that we can talk about over and over and over again. From the first-ever concert in a Volcano to their notorious $1 million ticket and breathtaking Glacier party, there’s truly something for everyone at this Icelandic multi-genre music festival.

Check out these images below and see what you missed out on.

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Secret Lagoon party with Kerri Chandler:

secret solstice pool

Volcano/Glacier Experiences:

secret-solstice-benjamin-hardman-iceland-inside-the-volcanoBH1_8283 2016_SecretSolstice_RossSilcocks_0049

Die Antwoord:

die antwoord secret solstice 2 die antwoord secret solstice

Of Monsters And Men:

of monsters and men secret solstice

Secret Solstice Vibe:

iceland secret solstice

Kerri Chandler Secret Lagoon Party Crowd. Credit Ingelin Berg