Street Ritual has done it again; this crew has a knack for digging up the best psychedelic bass music the underground has to offer and their latest release only solidifies that fact. An 11-track album from Texas native, DRRTYWULVZAh Yes sits boldly at the intersection of downtempo, glitch, and deep dub; it’s a sonic journey we highly recommend taking.

As for us, the standout tune on the album was undoubtedly ‘Tapping In’. The tune kicks off with a computerized vocal sample that distinctly puts the listener in mind of entering the digital matrix. Subtle, understated drum beats arrive on the scene shortly afterward, pushing the arrangement headlong into a wave of growling sub-bass mixed in alongside ambient synths and background instrumentation. This one is all about the rhythm, and DRRTYWULVZ made sure said rhythms were undeniably addictive; you’ll find your head has been bobbing to the beat far after it begins nodding  away. To hear what we mean for yourself, don’t hesitate to check out the stream of ‘Tapping In’ after the jump; and, if you’re digging the vibes on that one, Ah Yes is available in full on Street Ritual’s Bandcamp page. Happy listening!


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