Neffex are an LA-based bass music duo capable of putting out some seriously heavy material. While some of their best tracks are remixes, they are fully capable of producing equally impressive originals, as shown by their newest release, “Messed Up.” The rap-oriented trap piece flaunts the duo’s talents perfectly, as they provide a catchy beat that really showcases the sound they’ve worked so hard to curate.

Neffex get things moving right from the start, utilizing an upbeat yet simple drum pattern and aggressive electric guitar-like synths to drive the track forward. A male voice raps over the beat, talking about a bad trip in typical party rap fashion. While the rapping on “Messed Up” may have fallen a bit short lyrically, it does keep things interesting throughout by filling in the spaces in Neffex’s production. A short interlude gives way to a drop as chaotic as the bad trip the song is trying to describe. Massive synths that sound almost like old warplanes can be heard blaring over a deep kick and sub, combining into what can only be described as a “Neffex drop.”

And if things weren’t crazy enough already, Neffex change things up quite a bit in the second half of “Messed Up,” switching out the guitar-like synths from earlier in favor of some wonky percussion that sounds similar to rapid tongue clicks (think “Drop It Like It’s Hot” but faster). The second drop brings even more insane sounds, as some truly massive wailing horns make their way into the mix; I seriously think they created some kind of electronic elephant to record for it.  Overall, “Messed Up” is not a track to miss!

Stream the track below and if you dig, be sure to download it for free HERE!