KRNE, one of the leaders in pushing boundaries within the future bass genre, has done just that with his newest remix of Jai Wolf‘s “Drive“, released on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. His long list of collaborations, remixes, and originals shows the Californian producers knack for creating tracks that captivate listeners. The man constantly churns out music, it’s no wonder he has become an exemplary producer.

His newest remix of “Drive” adds so much to his extensive collection. The track begins with a bouncy synth and breaks into the iconic “Drive” vocals. With swooping synths and arpeggiated synths, KRNE creates a feeling of excitement leading up to the drop. The silence before the drop allows you to take a breathe just before the sound takes you in. The wavering synth is accompanied by half timed kicks, crisp snares, and percussive hits that seep into you, making it hard to resist dancing. The vocals come back in as KRNE switches to a house beat, which continues into the beginning of the second drop to create even more energy in the already animated track.

Take a listen to the remix below and feel it for yourself: