Earlier this week, bass producer Getter took to Twitter to call out “local DJs,” who he said have a tendency to mistakenly play the headliner’s tracks and redline the mixing equipment. His language spurred a major response from members of the dance music community, many of whom quickly took sides.

After the controversy effectively circulated all throughout the DJing community and beyond, it appears that Getter has returned to offer his apologies to any he might have offended with his previous tweet.

In a series of new tweets sent out on Saturday evening, Getter acknowledges his own come-up as an opening DJ, mentioning how he understands the grind. He blames his outburst on his passion for his planned tour, comparing his opening DJ(s) to people who tried to knock over a Lego set that he worked hard on. He and his team’s effort and dedication to creating the “best show experience possible,” he said, is what caused him to lash out.

While his apology is likely appreciated and respected within the community, it appears to be aimed more at explaining why he was angry enough to tweet out in the first place, rather than focused toward discussing the issue he so violently brought to the surface.

Regardless, we’re glad that Getter stepped up so quickly. Read his apology tweets below.

Facebook Image by T Blaze Photography