Texas duo Tritonal has been apart of the electronic dance music scene longer than most DJs and producers can say they have been. From creating their own label Enhanced to annual touring around the globe, Chad Cisneros and Dave Reese have dropped an album titled Pierce The Quiet, a three EP series titled Metamorphic, and countless collaborations and singles up to this point. From trance work with BT and Super8 & Tab to more recent projects with the Chainsmokers and Cash Cash, Tritonal have now surfaced with their sophomore record Painting With Dreams.

With a couple of singles released between January to August, Tritonal gave fans a taste of what the new album was going to sound like. Taking a step away from the trance-filled Pierce The QuietPainting With Dreams takes the progressive house/electro house approach with songs such as “Getaway” with Angel Taylor. We see Tritonal really flexing their creative muscles and technical acuteness on songs like “Rewind” and “Blackout” with Steph Jones where they combine blaring synths and searing basslines with pretty melodies and vocalized energy.

Including collaborations with Adam Lambert, Jenaux, Chris Ramos, Ross Lynch, R5, Fred Page, Nick Sibicky, and more, Painting With Dreams is out now with an album minimix on Soundcloud to preview the album’s shining moments. Check it out below.