A study recently published in Frontiers in Psychology, purports that music makes beer taste better. Apparently, beer drinking is a multi-sensory experience, and having some tunes in the background might make your tastebuds pop.

The research took 200 beer drinkers, split into groups, with some receiving an unlabeled beer in silence, some a labeled beer in silence, and others received a labeled beer served to music. It was found that individuals had greater enjoyment of their beverage while listening to music, especially so if the drinker was already familiar with the song being played.

Additionally, the research found that having a label on the beverage had a detrimental effect on the experience, with those beers without a label were perceived as being stronger.

Though the experiment was assisted by the crowd-funded Brussels Beer Project, hardly an un-biased sponsor, this isn’t the first time a relationship between music and beer has been shown. Regardless, the next step is seeing how certain genres of music affect the beer drinking experience.


H/T Bustle