From uplifting trance to happy hardcore to trap to drumstep, Stonebank has done it all. Though the British wonder has proven himself time and time again, Stonebank seems to have reinvented his sound for the fourth time this year, jumping into the raw energy of hardstyle.

Though hard dance generally has been Stonebank’s primary genre since the release of his smash “Stronger” in 2015, his newest single “The Only One” steps past Stonebank’s typical bright, jumpy tones and immediately brings on some serious 150 BPM punch.

While this rapid transition into hardstyle was surprising, what threw me off the most with this track is that it has a vocal feature that isn’t EMEL or Concept. The culprit is none other than Ben Clark, a UK-based singer/songwriter whose experience in EDM has been little to none. Personally, I think Clark’s rock-oriented vocals and Stonebank’s production combine to make some very tasteful hardstyle. We hope you think the same!

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