He blew us away with ‘Nightfires Vol. 1’, and now just a few months later Kove has returned with volume two of the same on-going series. Deliberately set out to be a dark and delving collection this time around, it is once again split between house/bass and D&B so fans can hear the versatility within his awesome productions.

‘Bring Me To Life’ is suitably chosen to open the collection with some explosive guitar riffs and a thundering bassline – all blended together with snarling rock-esque vocals. ‘Into The Life’ is a tune that Kove describes as “one of the darkest tunes I’ve ever written”, and it moves with melodic urgency – this is cinematic D&B at its finest. ‘Jericho’ is a straight up house instrumental with formidable orchestration and the EP is rounded off with ‘L.Y.L’, think weighty low-end energy interspersed with driving female vocals.

This collection has really caught our attention and deserves to be checked out. You can get it here.