Earlier this month, Diplo sat down with music critic Dan DeLuca for an in-depth ‘Up Close and Personal’ conversation about his career and thoughts on the music industry. During the more than 20-minute clip, he covers his humble beginnings as a record producer in Philadelphia, meeting and connecting with Skrillex in Los Angeles, and taking his creations to new heights with a never ending mentality towards pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable and expected in the scene.

Despite waxing fondly about the dance music circuit, Diplo once again included a brief criticism about its supposedly fleeting existence at the top of the music community. He pointed to the biggest radio hits, citing Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s track “This Is What You Came For” as the only dance song on the airwaves this year. He said he believes that people have moved on from dance music, and back to hip hop.

“Some of these [artists] are great that are part of [dance music] and make great music but for the most part you already see that it’s in decline. . . . There hasn’t been a dance song on the radio except Calvin Harris and Rihanna this whole year. I think people have moved on. They’ve moved on to hip-hop again . . .”

This isn’t the first time that Diplo has spoken disparagingly about the genre that’s given him so much success, either, and we’re definitely getting a little tired of it.

Watch the full interview below to get a personal glimpse at the man behind the moniker.


Image: Rukes