Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” is one of those go-to tracks that can make a happy moment feel that much more incredible. This has made it a very popular song to remix by dozens of producers (we’re still quite fond of the Neo Tokyo remix). This time, one of our generation’s biggest producers at the moment, Jauz, decided to put his spin on the track.

The refreshing thing about this remix is that Jauz completely transformed the original tune while keeping the most vital parts intact. The screaming vocals are kept unbroken, while also incorporating the reversed vocal sample found in the original track. The drop introduces a feel good vibe with some classic future bass filtered synths, skillfully placed vocal chops, and some arpeggiated 8-bit synths giving the remix that necessary nostalgic feel.

This track is a multifaceted hit remix in that it could be played in any situation, really, paying appropriate homage to the original track. If you’re trying to feel nostalgic, or just want to dance, check out the remix for yourself: