It’s been just over two years since the historic release of Porter Robinson’s debut studio album, Worlds. In addition to the breathtaking construction of a new sound for Robinson, there were actual worlds manufactured to be played out visually behind him as he performed his masterpiece live. With each song came a unique space that effectively transported the audience into a new dimension or reality built by emotion, music, and visuals.

One fan took on the prodigious task of re-creating the worlds seen at the live shows. HuntroxicMusic, the YouTube user who posted the visual remakes, goes through each song from the album and re-creates the worlds frame by frame as seen on the World‘s tour. All 22 tracks have their own unique visual experience to accompany each sonic gem. Check out the visual remakes below:

HuntronixMusic didn’t do it all on his own, though! He wants our readers to know that so, so many people helped make this video a reality. All links are available in the description of the video.