“Be patient, greatness is in motion,” says the Los Angeles based producer Antra. And boy, is he right. With great remixes of popular songs such as TLC’s “No Scrubs,” and original tracks like “Zone,” this artist is well on his way to creating an exciting and diverse catalogue of sensational tracks. His most recent addition comes in the form of a transformation of Brandy’s track, “I Wanna Be Down.” The track, titled “Down,” is a future bass gem primed to be played in your most vulnerable, emotional states.

The track begins with enchanting bells welcoming you into the space Antra has created for the feelings to come. The vocals are introduced with a warm piano, wrapping up your ear drums with comfort. The unexpected drop comes in with a stunningly crafted, unique, future bass-inspired swaying synth. Featuring Flume-like drum patterns, Antra keeps the track captivating, filling each space with a new component or letting the track breathe with a short pause. Antra has completely transformed the Brandy song and truly made it into his own creation, and I couldn’t be more down.

Check out the track for yourself below and grab your free download: