Although The Chainsmokers’ have received too many remixes to count since their ascent into dance stardom, LA’s rising hip-hop star, SIDIZEN KING, hits the nail on the head with his fresh hip-hop cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” with the help of producer casualkimono.

When most people think of covers, it’s typically an artist singing over or adding their own flair to the original work with the original’s personality still fairly prominent throughout. However, with this cover, SIDIZEN KING and casualkimono build their own hip-hop/electronic foundation and then use a distorted version of Daya’s original vocal hook and certain percussive elements. The sparing use of the original’s elements allows SIDIZEN KING’s smooth raps to shine through while fans can enjoy sing along to the catchy hook of “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Listen to the cover below and grab it for free download here.