WRLD has completely transformed Kid Froopy’s track “BB (Four Missed Texts)” in this new remix and I love it. Continuing with amazing production and a nostalgic touch, WRLD brings his undeniable sound to this remix of the track. The original track was a much more house oriented track while WRLD’s remix is almost nu-disco created with old disco – if that’s even possible. The track will have you on cloud 1980.

The most important part of the track, the vocals, are kept intact in this new remix. WRLD creates a perfect space for them to displayed, however. Bells and whistles are scattered throughout to add texture to the track over the warping organs that create the structure. A simple saw synths is layered over to create more complex melodies weaving in and out of the vocals and pumping bass line. This track is good to listen to at any time of the day and in any mood. Check it out for yourself below and stream the other remixes here.