You’ve heard and seen the name a million times by now, but that is because these two dudes are making a killing. The Chainsmokers have become huge pop sensations, creating endless amounts of chart topping hits and having notoriously cringe worthy interviews. However, the duo recently sat down with ABC News and tried to clear up some misconceptions on their image, why they don’t make house bangers anymore, and reveal much more, not only about themselves, but about their success.

The interviewer immediately brings up their Billboard interview and clears the air with Alex Pall’s response of, “There are parts of that interview we don’t like and there are parts that we do like,” stating further that they aren’t the all that bro-y after all. They said they should have highlighted more about how much hard work goes into being reaching the level of success that they have. It isn’t easy being at the top. They play 250 shows a year, while also spending countless hours in the studio honing their craft. This amount of work has obviously paid off, but also paid off when their hit, “Don’t Let Me Down,” was lost due to a computer crash and Taggart had to recreate the song entirely from scratch, going to show that these dudes are driven, ambitious guys. I think this interview sheds a light on the Chainsmokers’ more humble side and lets us into their meteoric rise to success in a less cringe worthy way. You can watch the full interview below:


H/T ABC News | Image via Frank Apollonio