With the constantly changing touring schedules of EDM’s most prolific DJs, it’s very rare that international audiences are able to catch all of their favorite acts on one lineup. Especially when the acts in question are on the come-up, not completely established as one of the scene’s biggest names, having an all-star roster can be a major rarity. Luckily for dance music fans in China, however, last week proved to be an exception to the trend.

On October 1, at Shanghai’s MYST, an astonishing B2B2B set was played out by none other than Skrillex, Marshmello and Slushii. Drawing in the best and favorite tracks from the three producers’ bodies of work, the nearly hour-long performance was captured on video in its entirety by one dedicated attendee.

Check out the full thing below, and see if you can spot the ID tracks hidden among the mix.