New sounds and styles are always needed in our lives; it’s a simple fact. That’s why we’re beyond grateful for imprints that constantly release a stream of high quality, readily available music for our hungry ears. In that regard, Dim Mak Records has been making some serious waves lately; their New Noise series keeps the focus on the underground, highlighting fresh tunes from new beat hustlers on the block. A free download every other week? That sounds like a great deal to us.

That being said, we’re happy to present the latest piece of sonic savagery from the label: a monstrous trap banger from Portugal’s Holly and New York-based newcomer, Ronaissance. The duo wastes no time on drawing the listener in; they turn the heat up almost immediately, with only a short (if vaguely anthemic) intro to prepare us for the madness about to ensue. The combination of their raw methods of sound design truly shines here, because when the drop hits, it hits hard. We’re thrown headlong into a maelstrom of wailing synths and wobbling sub-bass growls, backed by a wall of booming 808s and clanging percussion. The tune’s single vocal sample really couldn’t be more accurate: we were truly not ready for that.

To see what we mean, you’ll just have to listen for yourself; Holly and Ronaissance’s ‘Ready’ is currently up for free download, so check out the full stream after the jump and be sure to grab a copy if you’re feeling it. And speaking of getting quite a bit of something for absolutely nothing, New Noise recently announced a very exciting update: the latest model of their free-download service is now completely copyright-free. The decision was largely influenced by the Twitch  and YouTube communities; now, amateur content creators will have access to an ever-expanding library of songs to use for their videos. Check out the recently created New Noise YouTube channel to see what’s available!


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