Music festivals these days are as much about looking good as they are about hearing good music. Yeah, that kind of sucks when you think about how it used to be, but the purists in all of us still believe in a more wholesome experience.

Either way, you want to look good before all the lights go down. Not only that, but it’s probably going to be super bright looking directly at the main stage in that midday sun. So what do you need? Sunglasses, duh.

This pair of branded sunglasses from William Painter and Posso are the perfect addition to any festival wardrobe and you barely have to do anything to get them. Just enter the contest below – not only could you win four pairs of William Painter sunglasses, but you’ll also receive a 4 pack of tickets to LIC Miami 2017 on January 28th at its new home in Miami’s Wynwood Art District.

So yeah, you have even less of a reason not to enter!

Enter the contest below, and also listen to Posso’s new track “Tidal Wave” with Kaleena Zanders!