The Chainsmokers have undoubtedly witnessed the most prolific year in music out of anyone in EDM. With several massive hits propelling them into the upper echelons of mainstream and radio stardom, the amount of subsequent covers and remixes have been overwhelming, to say the least. One that was uploaded this week by Youtube user Dan Newbie, has effectively broken the mold of what it means to cover a popular track.

In a video posted on October 12, Dan and an associate can be seen playing a ludicrous amounts of wine glasses, pots, pans, tables, beer bottles, credit cards and more to the perfect melody of “Don’t Let Me Down.” With overlapping videos of the two performing all of the parts simultaneously the visual result is a truly fascinating thing to watch.

Check out Dan Newbie’s cover below in its entirety.


Source: Hot93.3 Hits | Image: Ohdagyo Photography